This brilliantly original piece really needs to be seen huge to appreciate all the wonder of the detail, so click on the link. Elliott started this image in 2005, but did not complete it until 2012. Some images even span decades in their creation, although this is rare. Hypercomplexity is a recurring theme in the artist's work, stretching right back to 'Metasphere' from the early Seventies. Elliott has always been fascinated by the structure of things and even more so by creating structures never before seen. As the artist saya "To experience or create something fresh and original is to feel utterly and completely alive."
Natalie Jay - formerly Natalie Banus is captured here with breath-taking beauty by Art Photography Genius James Elliott. What makes Elliott's work stand out is that it always reveals something of a girls inner beauty. The work she did with other photographers was just tawdry cheesecake by comparison. This unique original image of Natalie Jay is definately a classic.